3rd Birthday Celebration!

Naomi Rohr   >  21 November 2019


I would have the happiest feet in all of Australia

on 28 November 2019
These shoes have by far exceeded my expectations of what I would consider comfort, the description of the word comfort doesn't do it enough justice ,

I should be so lucky!

on 28 November 2019
Every girl can dream of having sparkly, neon and leopard but 12 freakin pairs of Avarcas that’s Like being spoilt rotten! I’m keen :D

Love shoes

on 24 November 2019
Love these shoes. So many different colors to choose from

Adorable avarcas

on 24 November 2019
At my age, my sister and I need comfortable stylish shoes. And that is where these beautiful sandals come into our story. Just the best thing that ever happened to i our feet. Thank you Avarcas

Looooov’n your work...

on 22 November 2019
Hey Nae, just wanted to say how beautiful the craftmanship of yr sandals are... l hav a pair & they fit like a glove - hav from the very minute my foot slipped into one... l also live alone w my moggy & so hav sum understanding of what you hav been thru in this past week.. my heart goes out to you. You are courageous & an inspiration to all women! You are amazing! Go well....