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It really was love at first sight…with Avarcas that is [not the hubby, sorry love!]. These gems are THE most comfortable shoes I've ever worn AND they are oh so pretty. ️

At 6’2, I was completely over wearing ballet flats and the dreaded variety of thongs on offer. I slid on a pair of gorgeous Avarcas and thought “F**K, these shoes are sexy’!” The love was instantaneous, and I’m still smitten.

I launched Avarcas Australia, in 2016. What started as a side hustle, quickly bloomed into a bonafide business within 6 months. So? I went all in. I resigned from my much-loved job as Co-Founder of Miracle Babies Foundation and jumped...without a parachute! The biggest and best decision I made? Going directly to the source! I chose to collaborate with a manufacturer from Menorca, Spain. They are a small family business who have been crafting these babies since 1926. There’s not an imitation in sight, they are the real deal.

We now stock Avarcas in every hue your heart could desire ranging from Neutrals, Prints, Metallics and Glitters. For those ladies who want to up the Avarcas ante, we also offer wedges. These gems won’t break your piggy bank (we promise your partner won’t even notice!) and will complement everything in your wardrobe: jeans, short shorts, dresses, skirts, boho, edgy, classic, school drop off, these bad boys (or ladies should we say!) won’t disappoint.

So, what do I do with myself when I’m not oogling stock in my warehouse? Well first and foremost, I rock Avarcas. From our farm in the Hunter Valley of NSW to business meetings in the city and even one of my cheeky girls nights out...Avarcas are my shoe of choice. I also play mum to Caden, 15 and Eli,13. I’m a kickass wife to my other love, my husband Ant. Yes, I’m the only girl in a household of messy, fun-loving, gorgeous boys. This might explain my desire to rock glitter or colourful Avarcas at any given opportunity….ha!

My boys are my world and as all mums know, it’s a bloody hard job. Being a working mother gives me the opportunity to be creative, unleash my inner girl boss and smother my boys in love every day and my goodness, I thoroughly enjoy every second of it. 

So, pretty lady, what are you waiting for? Join me and be part of my Avarcas girl gang. Don’t forget to tag me (@avarcasaustralia) so I can bear witness to your Avarcas love.

Much love and sparkles

Nae xx



Don’t be fooled by imitators! Always look for the Avarca de menorca logo to ensure you are purchasing genuine avarcas (also known as abarcas and Menorquinas) made in Menorca. With the aim of protecting the traditional avarcas handcrafted on the island the local government (Consell Insular) and the Shoemaker Association of Menorca (Associació de fabricants del Calçat de Menorca), developed this logo, a certified “denominación de origen” which certifies the authenticity of the product.