A little backstory;

On 23rd October 2003, my first born, Caden, entered the world 11 weeks early. The experience was overwhelming, confronting, and lonely, as we weaved our way through understanding the complexities of his birth and diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. 21 months later, at 114 days old we walked out of Liverpool NICU with our second born, 25 weeker Eli. After their premature births, I Cofounded Miracle Babies Foundation. Alongside some amazing women, we developed a localised group into a nationally recognized charity supporting children and families challenged by prematurity and sickness.

Miracle Babies led me to meet some incredible people, gave me wonderful opportunities both professionally and personally, and I learned so many new skills along the way. I can build a website, organize fundraising events, provide parent support, and even wrote a book! I will always be so proud of the energy I shared to build and grow Miracle Babies Foundation to what it is today but after more than a decade with one teenager and one not far behind I felt it was time to move on.

I’d love to say it was a well thought out strategic plan to start a new business but it absolutely wasn’t. I’m a doer, not a planner and with a little push from my walking pal Liz I ordered my first shipment, chose a name, designed a logo and built a website in a matter of days.

It’s been seriously fun (sometimes a little scary) and an exciting first year and to say that I am blown away by the love for my business is an understatement.

I get to share my love of these handmade gems with some of the most amazing women across the country so to my fellow #avarcasgirls …yes that’s you! Thank you for making my first year so special, for loving my shoes as much as I do and enjoy celebrating this big milestone with me. 

What’s happening you ask?

Monday: 9am will be the launch of a 48-hour sale, with 15% off store wide YAY!

Wednesday: keep your eyes peeled for a huge competition announcement

Thursday: a brand new and much-anticipated colourway will be released Woohoo!

And all week: 5% of all sales will be donated to Miracle Babies Foundation