As someone who has a keen appreciation of fashion (even though my daily look is Jeans/Avarcas/T-shirt and repeat), I spend countless hours trawling through Pinterest, scrolling the gram and devouring fashion blogs to bring you trendy, drool-worthy footwear.


I am also partial to hunting down outfit inspo for you ladies. It was during one of those scrolls, that I realised I was well and truly a trend-setter. You see, I’d just placed a limited edition order for Cow Print Avarcas (eeeek, excitement central up in here!) and lo and behold, EVERYONE IS WEARING COW PRINT, AGAIN!

EXHIBIT A: Cow Print Avarcas




If you’re a 90’s girl, you would know this design adorned pretty much everything for a while there.


EXHIBIT B: 90’s Cow Print



To say I’m delighted this baby is back, back again (see what I did there?!), is an understatement.


Now, I did say pretty much everyone was wearing Cow Print and when I said everyone, I meant EVERYONE. Even The Duchess herself, Meghan Markle took her cow print heels out for a spin and everyone lapped up her uber-cool edge. Her outfit may have said “I’m a Lady” but her footwear screamed, “Don’t confuse me with Katie!”. (Kate Middleton/Duchess/style Icon but a little on the *cough* conservative side, methinks).  



And if that wasn’t enough, The QUEEN herself has eaten up the Cow Print trend with this on-trend ensemble. Ok, ok, you got me. I didn’t mean the actual Queen of England. Rather the Queen of HIP HOP y’all. B-E-Y-O-N-C-E! If she can do it, we can at least get into formation and give it a whirl, right?

And for those of you who don’t want to overdose on the trend, adding just a hint this season's most daring print will be enough to keep you relevant. We obviously suggest shoes as the must-have accessory. And because we’re in ‘Strayla, mate and winter isn’t really ‘winter’ over here, better make them Avarcas. STay safe with a monochrome theme or pair ‘em with denim. If you’re feeling really fashionable, cute overalls will work a treat.



Just don’t do this. Might be a bit much. But then again, who am I to stand in the way of you and your need for creative expression?