Now I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; as far as I’m concerned, Leopard Print is a neutral. They add a little [ok, maybe a lot] of sass while adding some little oomph to your outfit. The best thing about them is; you don’t need to pre-plan each element of your look to really rock these babies. However, if you feel inclined to get all fancy, they are ready to roll at a moments notice.

Not sure how? Never fear lady, I’ve got your back. I’ve put together a list of bangin’ looks so you can pair those Leopards with confidence. Kanye level confidence at that! Get ready, because you’re about to look fierce AF at school drop off.

Look #1: Denim Does It….EVERYTIME

Fact: Denim & Avarcas are made for each other. Just pair your sweet sweet leopards with any denim you’ve got in your closet. Relaxed boyfriend fit? Yaaas girl. Tight, high waisted numbers? Extra baby, so extra. Cut offs? All the better to show off those glorious feet of yours. Denim cut offs? Don’t even get me started!

You don’t even have to think about your ensemble when you do denim. Just chuck on a white tee or a chunky knit and you’re doneskies.

Leopard Print Avarcas on white background with dried flower stems  WOmen dressed in white tshirt denim jeans and leopard print avarcas

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Look #2: Bright Colours Soothe the Soul


I don’t know about you but a splash of colour really does wonders when you’re in a “FML” mood, am I right? Why not up the ante with a touch of leopard?

@prettychuffed wearing mustard cardigan white girl gang tee denim jeans and leopard print avarcas

Look #3 Clash Like You Just Don’t Care


There’s nothing better than breaking the rules in life and most importantly, in fashion. If you’re the kinda girl who walks to the beat of your own drum, clashing prints is YOU. All you need to do is carefully select your print of choice, throw caution to the wind and finish the look with your leopards.

Women standing in front of a painted brick wall mural wearing bright tiger print dress and leopard print avarcas  @kimbalikes wearing leopard print avarcas and Claire Johnson x Gorman swing dress

Look #4 Monochrome For The Win


This is what I like to refer to as the “I’m sexy and I know it” look ladies. Monochrome is for the game changers, the hotties and the women who don’t have time to fluff about. If this is you then let me give you a tip, Leopard Print Avarcas will elevate the whole look with minimal effort. Get on it!

leg view of white ripped denim jeans and leopard print avarcas Flatlay of black linen dress with leopard print avarcas


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Original blog from Avarcas Australia Ambassador Jasmine at Pretty Chuffed

Image credits; Pretty Chuffed, Kimba Likes, @minibossmum