Last year we hosted the Rohr Christmas Day at our place and I was inspired by @thelaurendubios and her sensational family games. Not only did they look fun, they seemed relatively easy to do. After adding a few games to the festivities,, I can confidently say they are a new tradition. We have a very large immediate family on my husband's side that runs 21 people deep with ages from 7 to 70 so keeping them all happy can be a tall order. The games entertained everyone! 

If you want to turbo charge your day this year, give one of these games a go! 


Supplies Needed:

Wrapped gift, pair of oven mitts, Santa hat and two dice.

How to Play:

Have you ever tried opening a gift while wearing oven mitts? Guaranteed belly laughs right off the bat.

Simply wrap a box of chocolates with a bucket load of sticky tape and if you want the game to go for a little longer or you’re simply the grinch the good old box inside a box works a treat. 

To start, have everyone stand around a table or sit in a circle. One player gets the two dice, and the person to their right becomes the "unwrapper". The "unwrapper" done the oven mitts and Santa hat, and they attempt to unwrap the gift until the person next to them rolls a double, and then the gift, hat and oven mitts are passed on. 

Play continues around (and sometimes around) the circle until someone successfully opens the gift completely.

I did one for the kids and one for the adults. The adults got the fancy chocolate from  Hey Tiger and the kids,  Cadbury’s Christmas Classics. I also wasn’t as heavy on the sticky tape with the kiddies version.

Note: If your oven mitts look anything like mine (eww gross) I picked up these Santa Oven Mitts from  Kmart.



Supplies Needed:

Pantyhose, tennis balls and plastic water bottles

How to Play:

This one is a bit hard to describe so I’ve included a video below. 

Basically, you get a pair of pantyhose, cut them in half so there’s one leg to a piece. Add a tennis ball inside the tights, add place on your head. 

Set up water bottles (you’ll need about 10) in parallel lines and go bowling using just your head. If you want to make it a Christmas theme, red and green food die in the water works a treat.

You can go all out and make it a tournament by keeping score and getting the winners to verse each other at the end or just keep it low key and laugh your asses off at granny keeping it real. 


Because this is 2020, I’ve chosen some games that are social distancing friendly too. 


Supplies Needed:

Rudolph face cut out, red pom poms and vaseline

How to Play:

Like pin the tail on the donkey with a Christmas edge, this one is lol-worthy to the max. All you need is a tub of vaseline, a packet of red pom poms and a Rudolph face to pin to the wall. 

Each participant first dabs their nose in a teeny bit of vaseline and then places the red pom pom on their nose. Once stuck their mission is to walk over to the poster and stick the pom pom on rudolf’s nose. The catch? They can’t use their hands.

Note: If you aren’t an artist just google “reindeer face template” and found one that you like.


Supplies Needed:

2 bowls and candy canes. As a hater of all things mint/peppermint (don’t hate on me) I was so ecstatic to find  Strawberry & Peach Candy Canes for $1  at Woolworths this year nom nom nom

How to Play:

The aim of the game is to move as many candy canes into the bowl. The catch is they can only use the candy cane and their mouth to get the job done. It’s hard to explain but the hook part of the cane should be used like a fishing rod. The player who gets the most in the bowl after 1 minute is crowned the winner.  


Supplies Needed:

Lots of Balloons and winter snow gloves

How to Play:

If you secretly like the thrill of popping balloons, you’ll love this game. Fill your living room with balloons, ask everyone to put gloves on and the first person to pop 5 balloons, WINS! Can we just take a moment to appreciate Anthony's dedication and facial expression LOL

If you have children with sensory needs, you might like to give them fair warning and/or ear muffs before the chaos unfolds.  


Supplies Needed:

21 large plastic/paper cups and stickers to decorate

How to Play:

This one is sourced from  Happiness is Homemade and I can’t wait to give it a whirl this year. Each person gets a stack of paper cups and they need to create a Christmas tree stack and put them back into a single stack in under a minute. 

It’s easy and great for people of all ages. You can do the no-frills version or go all out and decorate the cups prior, lucky I had a bunch of  gold star stickers from Spotlight in the craft stash!

Note: I bought a pack of 20 red cups from  Spotlight so our tree had a rows of 6,5,4,3,2 (and missing the very top, oh well)


Supplies Needed:

Round Christmas Baubles and placemats

How to Play: 

Seems simple enough, players must fan their placemat to get their ornament from the chosen start line all the way across to the finish line.

Touching the ornament is not allowed, players have to create enough wind to “blow” the ornament. The hardest part is getting the ornament to roll in a straight line!

Note: Picked up these uber cute Santa placemats from  Kmart for $1.75 but anything with a little flex will work, for example a shoe box lid or piece of sturdy cardboard. Also while not a great photo Ant made me use this one becuase he is "winning".


Whatever you do on Christmas day, I hope it’s SENSATIONAL! 

Sending Love, 


P.S. If you do play some games, tag me in your Instagram stories so I can have a good belly laugh at you.