Crystal is no stranger to the Avarcas Australia social feed. She is a lover of colour, print and glitter and her style oozes joy! We sit down with the high school teacher, fitness instructor and personal trainer to get to know the woman behind @crystalworewhat a little more and share some of her looks.

What does a day in your life look like?

My day generally starts around 4:30am. I get up and go to my second job as a fitness instructor or I train myself. I then go to my day job as a high school teacher. It's pretty full on with teaching lessons, having playground duties, meetings and being "on" for the whole day. After school, I do some school work and then head home to get some of my home life sorted. I then head back to the gym in the afternoon/evening to teach more classes. I usually get home around 7:30pm, cook dinner and go to bed. On a Friday night, I am pretty exhausted so I just like to hang out with my lovely husband - we'll go for a walk, watch a movie or go to dinner.


How would you best describe your personal style?

I love colour and I don't often wear black (although there is something to be said for a little black dress). I feel like my style is not for everyone but I also don't like to be like everyone else so that suits me. I like to dress for what flatters my figure rather than what's on trend. I also like clothes that make me feel happy - dopamine dressing is the real deal.


Which five must-have items does one need in their closet at all times?

Jeans that always make you feel good, a fabulous dress that suits multiple occasions, sparkly shoes, a great pair of statement earrings and a crisp white t-shirt. 


What were your first pair of avarcas and do you have an all-time favourite?

My first pair of Avarcas were multi gold glitter back in 2018. I think my all-time favourites are my red glitter because they make me feel like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz and who doesn't want to feel that?


What little thing in life gives you joy?

Friday afternoons are a pretty amazing feeling, sunshine on my skin, spending time with my beautiful husband and family and music, I'm not musical but listening to some good tunes really floats my boat.




How do you recharge your batteries?

I'm not really a lie down and "do nothing" person. I like to be out and about - active recovery! Although I love a good movie marathon (Harry Potter is a favourite). I find people quite draining so quiet time reading a book, going for walks, gym sessions by myself and a good sleep do wonders. 


What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?

I'm really shy! Both of my jobs mean I stand up in front of people and talk every day so I think people would be surprised that when I get home, I like to be quiet. I'm a massive nerd - although maybe that's not a big surprise. Also, pyjamas are one of my most favourite things. There is nothing quite like getting back into your pyjamas, even at 11am on a Sunday.

If you could design your very own avarcas what would they look like?

Oh so much glitter! All of my favourite Avarcas are glittery. I think the brighter and sparklier the better. Bright pink glitter would be the best I think 🙂