Dopamine aka the ‘feel-good’ hormone is the one responsible for the third pair of sparkly glitter Avarcas you purchased recently and the deep sense of happiness that fresh cookie scent gave you. Gifting is a natural dopamine enhancer but why not take it up a notch with these colourful goodies? Happiness = is guaranteed! 


1. Oh Deer Sugar Bath Bomb

Why take a bath or you can soak in rainbow-infused water? This Waffle Bath Bomb smells as good as it looks with tangerine, lemon, sugar and peaches leading the delightful aromatic experience. 

2. Porcini Linen Robe 

Lilac, mushrooms and clashing colour make the Porcini Linen Robe from Kip + Co a standout gift for the woman in your life who enjoys her pieces fancy and fun.

3. Cuisine Art 12 Piece Knife Set

For the lover of food and colour, this colour-coded knife set makes choosing the right piece for the job at hand infinitely easier (red = bread and so on!) and so much prettier. 

4. The Rainbow Atlas 

A rainbow fix of epic proportions, The Rainbow Atlas is a coffee table book worth a good eye feast. Filled with a colourful and eclectic mix of architecture, landmarks and interesting spaces the world has to offer. 

5. Shag Cushion

Texture and tones are covered with the Seymour Shag Cushion from Sage x Clare. Crafted with 100% long pile wool for comfort, this nod to the 70s will impress interior buffs with a penchant for colour. 

6. Lego Bricks Rainbow Puzzle 

Only the most visual among us will be able to tackle this puzzle. 1000 pieces in all the colours, endless hours of fun for kids and adults. The perfect gift does exist! 

7. Mecca Max Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette 

This party palette ticks all the boxes: pretty pastels, neon pops and smoky neutrals sit side-by-side in a 25-pan edit of trend-tested pigments that beg to be worn in the daylight – and on the dance floor. 

8. Colourful Backgammon Set 

No Christmas day is complete without a trusty game of backgammon among highly competitive family members, ha! This colourful set encased in Beachwood is an instant classic. 

9. Holographic Martini Glasses 

When you want to gift something truly unique, you can’t go past basically anything from Fenton & Fenton. Martini’s are already classy but when served from holographic rainbow-hued glassware? No contest! 

10. Kasey Rainbow Beach Towel 

Poolside statements are best made in colour. This glorious design towel from Australian artist Kasey Rainbow is quick-drying, compact and most of all bold! 

11. Neon Popsicle Art 

This piece is reminiscent of the 60s with its blinding colour and unexpected design. Choose your giftee's favourite hue and watch as their eyes sparkle when they unwrap this custom piece. 

12. Pantone Postcards 

Pantone is highly regarded amongst colour enthusiasts. The epitome of trend-setting and happiness-enhancing hues, Pantone has released this set of 100 postcards in time for the festive season

13. Colourful Keyboard Cover 

Transform the mundane desk time with this colourful keyboard cover. Made with engineering-grade durable silicone, it gives a soft typing experience while engaging the dopamine-seeker for the long haul. 

14. Dopamine Chaser Shoes

If you’re in the market for summer shoes in multiple colours…I know a place, ha!