How to maintain your avarcas shoeWant to know how to clean, maintain and protect your avarcas?

After all – the soles last such a long time you want to make sure the whole shoe also keeps looking fresh and new.

To properly protect, clean and maintain your avarcas, it depends on the type of material the shoe is made from – see quick links here to for your shoe type or read below.




Clean, Protect And Maintain Your Nubuck Avarcas


What do we mean by Nubuck Avarcas?

Nubuck Avarcas are those made of nubuck leather.

This is defined as a top-grain cattle leather that has been sanded or buffed on the grain side, or outside, to give a slight nap of short protein fibres, producing a velvet-like surface.

It is resistant to wear, and may be white or coloured.

How To Protect Your Nubuck Avarcas

When you first get your nubuck avarcas; like any leather shoe or handbag; we recommend using a water and stain protector such as Collonil Nubuk + Velours Classic in Neutral to help protect it from general stains and jumping in puddles! (recommended for fun, but not recommended for avarcas - maybe get your wellies out for that one J)

How To Maintain Your Nubuck Avarcas

Suede nubuck cleaning brush maintain avarcas shoesTo give your nubucks a general clean; we recommend the use of a suede/nubuck brush (for example this one shown here on the right) and a suede nubuck mousse.

See this video here on how to use the special suede / nubuck brush to clean your avarcas.

Please note that the nubuck leather has a pile that is finer than suede, so is very delicate.  For this reason, it will be ruined if brushed with a traditional hard-bristle suede brush; and we recommend you also use a special suede / nubuck mousse.

How To Remove Scuff or Spot Marks Off Your Nubuck Avarcas

The best way to remove scuff or spot marks from your nubuck avarcas is with specialised products suited to the fine, delicate pile of nubuck leather.

Nubuck cleaning block for avacas shoesWe recommend using a:

  • Suede & Nubuck Cleaning Block – This is a special rubber cleaning block used to remove spots and stains from your nubuck leather shoes (example shown to the left)
  • Suede Nubuck Shampoo – this is a gentle spray cleaner to remove surface dirt from your nubuck avarcas
  • Suede/ Nubuck Reviver – use to refresh the colour and further protect the leather.
  • Suede Nubuck Mousse Cleaner – to effectively remove grime and dirt


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Clean, Protect And Maintain Your Nappa Avarcas


What do we mean by Nappa Avarcas?

Nappa avarcas are those made out of nappa leather, which is full grain leather drummed to give a soft and comfortable feel.  It’s a durable leather that’s made from the topmost layer of calfskin, goatskin or sheepskin; which is why it’s generally softer than other leathers.

Although it’s durable; it’s also delicate so requires special care and attention to keep it looking in its best condition.

How To Protect Your Nappa Avarcas

You can use a general shoe water and stain protector for your nappa avarcas.

clean avarcas with quick shine How To Maintain Your Nappa Avarcas

To maintain your Nappa avarcas you can use general shoe cream; renovating polish; liquid renovating polish; Quick Shine and Zorbel.

Make sure you carefully read the instructions on each of these specialist leather cleaning products to make sure they are suitable for your nappa leather.

How To Remove Scuff And Other Spot Marks Your Nappa Avarcas

The best way to remove scuff or spot marks from your nappa avarcas is with specialised products suited to the fine, soft nappa leather.

maintain avarcas with renovating polishWe recommend using:

  • Renovating Polish or Renovating Polish Liquid like this ones from Waproo. They contain waxes and are designed to restore your leather shoes. Always check the instructions before use.
  • General Shoe Cream for example like this one from Floreshim. Make sure the cream is matching the colour of your nappa avarcas.


Clean, Protect And Maintain Your Metallic Avarcas


metallic avarcas australia afterpayWhat do we mean by metallic avarcas?

We offer a variety of different coloured metallic avarcas, which are actually coated leather. To make the metallic avarcas,,a foil is pressed onto the leather  - for example a rose gold or silver foil. 

These metallic avarcas are therefore sensitive to wear and need extra care.

How To Protect Your Metallic Avarcas

You can use a water and stain protector such as Collonil Vario Spray which is designed for metallic leathers.

How To Maintain Your Metallic Avarcas

To maintain the look of your rose gold, gold or silver avarcas, you need to use a metallic renovating polish or Zorbel - a general leather conditioner.

How To Remove Scuff And Other Spot Marks from your Metallic Avarcas

We recommend using a metallic renovating polish to remove scuff marks or spots from your metallic avarcas.



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Clean, Protect And Maintain Your Glitter Avarcas

gold glitter avarcas australia maintenance



If you’re lucky enough to have a delicate pair of sparkly, dreamy glitter avarcas, the best maintenance plan you can have for them is to treat them with extra care!

Glitter avarcas are special and not designed to be worn as an everyday shoe.

As with all glitter finishes, with time and abrasion, some glitter loss may occur. This is not a fault and the glitter finish cannot be re-applied.

We advise against treating with any liquids containing alcohol as this will damage the finish.

If your glitter Avarcas have lost their lustre, gently wipe down with a clean, soft cloth to dislodge any dried dirt. Then gently dab over with a soft damp cloth and dry immediately. Do not use any cleaning products.





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Clean, Protect And Maintain Your Pony Hair Avarcas


Maintain protect clean pony hair avarcas leopard printWhat do we mean by Pony Hair?

Nope – pony hair is not actual pony hair. It’s cow or goat hide that’s been shaved to look like the hair on the hide of a horse.  So the word ‘Pony’ is used to describe the look of the pelt.


How To Protect Your Pony Hair Avarcas

You can spray these avarcas with a specialist pony hair spray. Not all protective sprays are meant for pony hair, so be sure to read the label before purchasing a spray.


How To Maintain Your Pony Hair Avarcas

Pony Hair can be damaged by rough usage and some hair loss is expected during wear.

If your Pony Hair becomes dirty you can wipe smoothly in the direction of the hair with a damp cloth.

Try not to get them too wet in the process, as too much water can dry out the skin and cause cracking.


How To Remove Scuff And Other Spot Marks from your Pony Hair Avarcas

To remove stains, first let all stains dry, and then brush them off the hair and/or surface.

If the has penetrated the skin, unfortunately there is little you can do to remove it.



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