Jasmin Hunt @prettychuffed

I don’t know about you, but when winter comes around, sometimes I am just not ready to give up some of my favourite summer pieces. The past few months I’ve been really trying to get the most out of my wardrobe by utilising items of clothing in new ways and in new combinations. Part of this has been taking my most-worn summer basics and turning them into winter pieces by the addition of a few accessories and winter warmers.

The four summer favourites I styled for this blog post are:

  1. The summer linen dress
  2. The bright cami
  3. The white jeans
  4. The band tee

I wore all of these during the summer just gone and I wanted to find new ways to wear them during the colder months.

Here’s my top tips for styling summer pieces during winter and creating on-trend looks:

  1. One way to style summer pieces is to use them in a tonal or monochrome outfit – for example, a black dress can be worn with black boots and a black leather jacket; or a blue floaty top with denim jeans and a light blue coat.
  2. Add winter textures – for example, felt, wool and velvets to update the outfit and bring warmth.
  3. Jeans under dresses! Try a shorter, a-line shaped dress with skinny or straight-leg jeans.
  4. Long sleeve tops or skivvies can be layered under dresses, overalls or pinafores.
  5. This winter, warm colours such as beiges, browns, tans and rusts look amazing together – pair them with your tan Avarcas and you are good to go!
  6. If you live or are visiting somewhere where it is really cold, try layering thermal leggings, camis or tops under your outfits for an extra boost. Uniqlo has an affordable thermal range.

Here are my favourites into winter outfits!

The summer linen dress - layer with a woollen scarf, teddy coat and jeans, and neutral Avarcas

Dress: Little Party Dress
Teddy coat: Ezibuy
Scarf: Kmart
Jeans: Kmart

The bright cami - wear with black skinny jeans, a sequin jacket and glitter flats for a fun night look


Cami: Styling You The Label 
Jacket: Little Party Dress
Jeans: Best & Less

The white jeans – pair with neutral tones and printed flats 

Knit: Boho Australia
Hat: similar

The band tee – pair with jeans and a leather jacket, and metallic flats

Tee: vintage,
Jeans: Kmart
Jacket: similar 


So what do you think – are you going to dig out some of your summer favourites and winterise them? Which is your favourite look?