Every travel destination has something to offer – be it in tourist attractions, adventures, experiences, or food and drinks.

You can find and experience all of these In Menorca, a beautiful Mediterranean island in Spain. You can enjoy days of hiking around their famous Cami de Cavalls trail or visit historical and natural attractions. But the one thing you should try when in Menorca is their refreshing cocktail: Pomada.

La Pomada is a simple cocktail drink. All it takes is some lemon or lemonade, crushed ice, and gin. Here’s the catch: the best tasting Pomada should use Menorca’s locally distilled gin, Xoriguer.

Xoriguer: Menorca's Gin

Xoriguer is an original distillation that originated in Mahon, Menorca.

Back in 1713, Menorca was ceded to Great Britain after the War of Spanish Succession. The Treaty of Utrecht took effect, and the British occupied the island maximizing its strategic geographical feature making it one of their major naval bases. Soldiers and sailors based on the island wanted to have some gin but could not find it on the island. This gave the local craftsmen in Mahon, Menorca to create gin by importing juniper berries and distilled gin using wine alcohol from their local vineyards.

The combination of the berries and wine alcohol resulted to a delectable gin that is like no other. One of the famous craftsmen of this gin was the Pons family. Sr. Miguel Pons Justo named the gin after their family’s reputation as millers and the name of their old windmill– Xoriguer.

Today, Xoriguer is the only gin that gained EU’s recognition as a local specialty. The demand for the gin is high, both locally and internationally, because of its distinct flavor. In fact, locals consume a lot of this gin and make its famous cocktail, Pomada.

Image: https://www.xoriguer.co.uk

La Pomada: The Best Way to Chill in Menorca

Pomada’s simplicity must not be taken lightly. While the mixture is not complex, this drink is a hit for both locals and tourists in Menorca.  You’ll find this everywhere in Menorca, especially during fiestas and all public celebrations around town.

Usually, there’s a fiesta almost every weekend over the summer. Expect that you’ll have a lot of Pomada when you visit during this season. However, since that concept is impossible as of the moment with the virus going around, you can make Pomada at your very home.

How to Make Your Own La Pomada

Want to try and make your Pomada? No, worries – it’s easy. As long as you have a bottle of Xoriguer, you’ll perfect this cocktail just like having it in Menorca.


  • 60ml Xoriguer gin
  • 30ml of lemon juice (freshly squeezed)
  • 20ml sugar syrup
  • Sparkling water
  • Lemon zest
  • Mint leave (optional)

There are many alternatives you can do for this recipe, although Xoriguer gin is non-negotiable. After all, it’s a key ingredient.

This combination would give you a much more potent cocktail. If you want a lighter cocktail, you can change the ratio of gin and lemon to 1:1. Another substitution you can make is to use lemonade or flavoured drink instead of lemon juice. Then, just get rid of the sugar syrup and sparkling water since the lemonade already gives that sweet yet tangy taste to your drink.

Lastly, you can enjoy a L Pomada over a lot of ice and drink it right away. Or you can freeze it overnight or during the day and defrost it when you want to have a drink. Make sure to leave some ice behind and not wait until the entire glass melts to pure liquid. Top it with a sliced lemon zest twist to add to its acidity.

You can also add some mint leaves to give it a more refreshing taste. 

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

While you can’t go out and travel safely just yet, maybe you whip up a Pomada to cool your day. The distinct taste will surely take your tastebuds to a great vacation. And who knows? It might take all your senses to Menorca, too. Enjoy!