So, full disclosure. This little piece started as a personal online shopping flutter and also, a list for the boys so they don’t stuff my Mother’s Day gift, ha! Once I had a full list going though, I thought why not share my recommendations for gorgeous products to gift yourself or your own Mum this Mother’s Day? 

Get ready to be #influenced because these pretties are just *chefs kiss*. Obviously, a sturdy pair of Avarcas will never go astray however, you won’t find them on my personal favourites list because I have a warehouse full of ‘em. 

You are more than welcome to shop Avarcas should you feel so inclined though! 

Favourite PJs

If you know me well, you’d know I spend a LOT of time in PJs. Sleep comes at a premium at my house so you better believe I sleep in the pretties, comfiest pair I can find. ENTER the Annabel Long Pyjama Set from PIYAMA. Natural rayon, florals in my hues, high waisted and loose-fitting PJs are hard to find. These tick ALL the boxes.


Favourite Sleep Mask

Did I mention sleep is THE holy grail at my place? Yup so a sleep mask is a must for me. I’ve searched high and low and the Sweet Dreams Black Out Sleep Mask from Block Blue Light is comfortable and lightweight and it blocks out every ray of light. WIN! 


Favourite Small Batch Chocolate 

Nothing beats high-quality chocolate and the Salted Macadamia Buttercrunch from Myrtle and Pepper does not disappoint. If you like the sound of Australian Macadamias covered in milk chocolate and a hint of River Murray pink salt (why wouldn’t you?!) then this is the chocolate for you. 


Favourite Candle 

I have a very particular set of skills and sniffing out high-quality scents is one of them. This gorgeous Honey + Hay Soy Candle from Meeraboo is subtle yet fragrant in a homely way. Think honey, amber, the actual smell of fresh hay, musk and then layers of tobacco equally balanced and layered to perfection. 


Favourite Earrings 

I do love a good piece of jewellery but I don’t love just *any* piece of jewellery. I’m not into delicate fussy pieces, bold, high-quality, chunky pieces are more me. The Blythe Earrings from Peggy And Twig feature organically shaped Keshi pearls set on a solid gold-plated hoop. Oooh so lovely! 


Favourite iPhone Case 

When you spend a fair chunk of your time on your phone, a snazzy iPhone case is a must. I love the range from Casetify because they are sturdy and functional but they also feature some incredible art. The Golden Cheetah is my current pick because it has just enough oomph without being garish. 


Favourite Vase

I adore mid-century design and this little vase is texturally pleasing, pretty but also striking so it’s a “I WANT IT” from me! Marmoset Found has a whole range of beautiful pieces for the home and, the good news is this Memphis Vase in Rose is on sale! Get on it Ant + Co, ha! 


Favourite Slogan Tee

There’s nothing like rocking up to an uncomfortable family gathering in a pointed slogan tee. I do enjoy it and, I have a whole drawer of slogan tees to support me in my plight. Ha! This Females To The Front Tee from Confetti Rebels is in my favourite blue and speaks to my feminist nature. 


Favourite Passport Holder 

I’m dreaming of a lengthy stint in Spain and a personalised passport holder in my favourite print, Leopard, is high up on the want list this Mother’s Day. 


Favourite Travel Case 

The travel manifesting continues and I’ve decided I’ll be needing one of these travel cosmetic cases from Louenhide to make the trek. Functional and pretty for the win! 


Favourite Laptop Table

Sometimes working from the couch or even bed seems much more appealing than making the 10 step journey to my home office. Ha! This laptop table is perfect for such occasions and with six adjustable levels of incline, I have a feeling I’d be able to binge Netflix quite comfortably too. 


I hope I’ve given you a few ideas and if I have, I might just launch a side-hustle as an influencer, ha! 

Nae xx