I’ve been keeping this one under wraps for yonks because I quite enjoy a big surprise drop. But, they are here! Introducing Vegan Avarcas!

tan vegan avarcas with black vegan avarcas and vegan stamp logo


Aren’t they gorgeous? It was really important to me to offer a sustainable, vegan option. Leather is a beautiful material but, the impact this has on the environment (not to mention our animals) is huge. Modern farming practices coupled with the world’s consumerism is a bit (a lot) shit really.

So, Vegan Avarcas are here. They are still lovingly crafted in Menorca, Spain, using the same quality craftsmanship you’ve come to expect but with some very cutting edge innovations. It’s been a journey to create a shoe that functions well, looks beautiful and is 100% vegan.

What are Vegan Avarcas made of?

Ah, this is so so crafty I had to share. The vegan leather alternative is actually microfiber. I know, it sounds weird but hear me out. Fibres used in the production of microfiber can be anything from polyamide, polyurethane and cotton. The exact recipe of materials determines the look and feel of the end product. For us? It’s super soft leather-like vegan leather.

The inner lining is created using onSteam which again, is another type of microfibre. It has been scientifically formulated to replicate leather along with being antibacterial, sweat-resistant and breathable.

We’ve used another amazing invention for the outer material called onMicro. It’s 100% waterproof, breathable, antibacterial, washable and vegan.

They look, feel and perform like traditional leather avarcas.

What Colours come in vegan leather?

At this stage, I have two vegan options: Tan & Black. I would LOVE to add more to the collection but, being a small business, I need to make sure you like them first! If you do end up purchasing some, I’d love your honest feedback. Feel free to let me know which colours you’d like to see in this range next.

Yours in innovation and shoe porn,

Nae xx