By April @thebodzilla 

Well - of all the things I had ever imagined I would be able to say, this never even crossed my mind, having a beautiful pair of shoes named after ME. Wow. If there is something more wonderful for a shoe lover like me than this, I am ALL EARS! 

Not only are these shoes made by a family who’ve been crafting these shoes for almost 100 years, but they’re made from LILAC suede. 

Check them out, introducing...THE APRIL

I think one of the most special things about being an ambassador for a brand like Nae’s is that you feel a personal interest in every little thing - when she posts a poll on IG stories asking for choices on colours and names, I’m right there with hundreds of other Avarcas lovers giving her my thoughts. And the next thing you know, she’s taken that feedback on board and updated her offerings. Like when she renamed her Nude Avarcas to Sand because the shade commonly referred to as ‘nude’ only represents one of many skin shades. 

To receive a package and inside were a pair of shoes with a note telling me they were named after me was a MOMENT. I try not to play favourites with my shoes, but I guess that time is over…. Kidding! 

I have been wearing Avarcas since November last year and I kid you not when I tell you that they have been my go to shoe on every occasion - including a couple of rainy days which I don’t recommend. Do other people check the weather before they leave the house…? Oh. Just me getting my feet all soggy, then. 

Trust me when I say I will be checking the forecast every day - and twice on days when I am wearing my new ‘April’ Avarcas - because you know what they say about suede shoes! You can do anything, but… don’t get them wet and ruin them, they’re very special, you silly person!

April @thebodzilla