There’s just something about a witty slogan tee isn’t there? They add instant rad-ness to any outfit. Pair them with denim, some sparkly shoes (I know of some!) and your sass and you’ve got yourself some bonafide outfit goals. My collection is bordering on obsessive so I thought I should share my faves. Of course, they are all female-led businesses so when you buy from them, you’re contributing to a collective fist pump from women everywhere. 

Confetti Rebels 

Amy from Confetti Rebels has created the most kickass collection of tees going. From Girls Rule to I’m A Fucking Delight, her slogans are ROFL funny and her designs? SUPER FUN! 


📷 Confetti Rebels

Charm Offensive Tees 

Ahhh, Bobby from Charm Offensive is a lady after my own heart. Passionate, intelligent and lots of IDGAF vibes. Her highly coveted ‘Fuck Pete Evans’ tee was a winner and lucky for us, Bobby is a slogan machine. I particularly like ‘No Way, Get Fucked, Fuck Off’ which I feel I should just buy x7 to get me through every day of the week. 

📷 Charm Offensive Tees


📷 Charm Offensive Tees

Dangerous Females 

Dangerous Females is what happens when fun design and social justice have a baby. Their T-shirts have been created to a) send the message that females are strong and not to be f*cked with and b) to raise money for women experiencing domestic violence and abuse in Australia. They donate 100% of their profits which is totally something I can get behind. 

📷 Kate Luke Photography


📷 Dangerous Females


Ownsit is a fierce feminist clothing company that I adore. Her well-known ‘females to the front’ tee sells out almost as quickly as it’s made. I have it in 3 different colours and I always feel super proud to wear it. If you like to wear your opinion loud and proud, shop at Ownsit! 


📷 Ownsit

Now that you’ve got the low-down on slogan tees worth wearing, you’ll need shoes. If you’re going to go loud with the shirt, you ABSOLUTELY need to go loud with the shoes. In my humble opinion, glitter, leopard print and neon pink Avarcas will elevate your look to perfection. 


Yours in shoes, tees and feminism,
Nae x