So after much too-ing and fro-ing, I decided Avarcas Australia needed a little more PIZAZ.

Way back In July, I sat in on an online masterclass 'PRODUCT BRANDING SECRETS' and before it had finished had emailed Janelle from @inkeepress about working together. 

I wasn’t after a complete branding overall but wanted to work through everything I had designed to make sure there was a cohesive flow. I can’t tell you what a great feeling it was to hand it over to a PROFESSIONAL! Janelle totally got me and after our initial conversation, she got right to work.

Now,  I’m a denim and block white/black/ grey kinda girl, I'm not actually a HUGE fan of colour unless it's on my feet which is why I chose a simple monochrome look at the start for Avarcas Australia. Oh, that and also because I decided on a name, logo and built a website in a day or two so I could launch my little idea. 

Being a monochrome lover the initial branding colour ideas freaked me out a little, but over time, we settled on introducing some gorgeous colours to the pallet. My all-time favourite Avarcas are Neon Pink and while the neon is a little polarising for some, it was toned down to a gorgeous blush pink with complimenting Mustard and Khaki. Colours which reflect both my home in the Hunter Valley and also the island of Menorca.

Do you have a memorable travelling experience, one that stands out so vividly and you can’t help but smile when you think about it? On my first visit to Menorca last year we hired electric bikes and planned to ride the 30kms to a well-known beach Cala Macarella. And yes, the beach was stunning, even more so when we discovered around the cove Cala Macarelleta, deep crystal-clear blue water that has to be seen to be believed, but the ride there and back was just as memorable. 

The rock walls that ran along the entire journey were works of art in themselves, but I got a little up close and personal with one, crashing off my bike and breaking my hand. The khaki graphic is inspired by the rock walls that left a pretty lasting impression on me...and my hand! 

I kept noticing along the roadside what looked like little tumbleweeds sitting atop of long thin stems that bloomed tiny white flowers. On closer inspection, I realised they were the same plant with the little balls opening up to display the most gorgeous white flowers. I’d never seen them before and learnt they were “Daucus Carota” or Wild Carrot. Here in Australia, I’ve learnt we call them Queen Lace, not that easy to find but I've finally got some seeds in both white and chocolate planted in a garden bed for Spring.

And while the Blush Pink Stroke pattern doesn’t have a direct take from Menorca, it’s fun, I LOVE an animal print and when I look at it I also see hundreds of footsteps walked while discovering the magnificent island. 

So, I married all of these experiences with the essence of Avarcas Australia to bring you my FANCY new branding. I hope you love it just as much as I do. Thanks again to the wonderful Janelle of @inkeepress!