Menorca Sandals Most popular coloursThinking about buying some stylish Menorcan sandals but not sure which colour to go for?

They all look so goooood ...  so much choice ... eek!

But never fear, it's going to be okay.

In this article we are going to share our top 5 shades of Menorca sandals (traditionally called "Avarcas") based on what you’re buying right here in Australia!

I’d like to point out, that our list below is no particular order.

Picking a favourite avaracas colour is like picking a favourite child.

While you may steer towards one (wink wink – no I would never do that), really, you love them all.


#1 Best Menorcan Sandals – Tan Nubuck


Menorcan Sandals ultimate guide to colour

Our Tan Nubuck Menorcan sandals are one of our most popular colours because they’re just so darn versatile.

If the weather’s a bit cooler, and you’re a jeans wearing kinda gal, this is a stunning colour with dark or light denim. These babies are going to fast become a favourite that you’re probably going to wear every day.

But then wait – it’s summer and hot? Even better – slip on a colourful beachy dress; whites or patterns – this colour works amazingly!

The only time this won’t go with everything in your wardrobe is if absolutely everything in your wardrobe is black. And it's freezing cold outside.  But we live in Australia, right? So I guess that’s pretty unlikely.

If we haven’t convinced you already, why not read more  from other experts about what to wear with tan sandals here.


#2 Best Menorcan Sandals – Navy and Rose Gold


Menorca sandals navy and rose gold

Our Navy and rose gold metallic avarcas sandal are also one of our customer’s  all time favourites.

In fact, when we first got them in we struggled to keep them in stock!


Well – really you should be asking why not. Don’t you have eyes? ;-)

Everyone loves a classic, and everyone loves a bit of bling… this tastefully combines the two in the one shoe.

As shown in this image they look incredible with earthy tones; greys; tan; denim and other soft metallics. 

Perfect for those who want to look good at all times but want to be totally comfortable at the same time.  Yes!


#3 Best Menorcan Sandals – Rose Gold Metallic


Menorcan Sandal Rose Gold Metallic Wedge

Rose Gold was the trending fashion colour of 2016. No doubt about it.

Out came apple phone covers in rose gold, high end watches; and even mimco bags and jewellery had rose gold earrings, necklaces, bags, and shoes.

It was everywhere.

But have you noticed – it’s a trend that's continued?

Rose-gold as a hot fashion colour is not going anywhere anytime soon. Read more on this from our friends at French Allure magazine who think the same!

So seeing as this is the case, you're going to need a pair of rose gold menorcan sandals to tie in a few outfits and pieces of your wardrobe together.

Now the only thing you have to ask yourself is ...

Flatties or rose gold wedges?!


#4 Best Menorcan Sandals - Multi Gold Glitter


Gold Glitter Menorcan SandalsWhile someone once said "all that glitters is not gold" - that, quite frankly, was just no fun! 

All that glitters on these beauties is shades of gold and sparkly fun.

These gold glitter handmade menorcan sandals make any day magical and I guess that's why they're so popular with modern day optimists!

The beautiful sparkles pick up the shades of what you're wearing which is why they go with so many things in your wardrobe!

Like all the hand-made menorcan sandals we sell, these are also hugely popular and hard to keep in stock.


#5 Best Menorcan Sandals - Leopard Print

Menorca Sandal Leopard Print

As Helen Reddy famously put it, "I am woman hear me roar..."!

These fun leopard print handmade menorcan sandals will certainly help you get your groove on and connect with your inner animal spirit.

They look perfect with black which brings out the lighter shades on the pattern of the print; and are also very good with denim.

And don't think these are out of fashion - Harpers Bazaar is calling animal prints "THE fashion print trend for the AW 2018 season". 

If you're still not convinced, why not check out this guide on what to wear with Leopard print shoes to give you a bit of inspiriation. You might be surprised how effortlessly these slip into your existing wardrobe.


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