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Have you had bad luck with indoor plants in the past? Do you follow a crazy amount of Insta accounts with envious greenery inspo but don’t know where to start? Most people I speak to are self-confessed black thumbs, but I simply don’t think this is true! Here’s the deal; being a green thumb doesn’t have to be difficult, it all starts with choosing the best plants for your environment and understanding how to care for them. Let’s shortcut this for you, these are my top 4 starter plants – tried and tested.

ZZ plant (Zamioculus zalmiofolia)

Zanzibar Gem is the ultimate beginner house plant! This was my first house plant and it is still going strong 10 years on. This plant thrives on neglect and the glossy green leaves add vibrant colour to your space. The other great thing about ZZ is that it will survive in lower light conditions. So, it is a good solution if you have a space with reduced natural light, like a bedroom. ZZ only needs water once a month in summer, and even less over the colder months (their tube-like roots store moisture).

Devils Ivy (Epipremnum aureum)

Goodness has this plant had a comeback from the ’70s! It is very easy to love with different variation in colour and endless styling options. The ivy has lovely trailing vines making it great for a hanging planter and also the perfect shelfie. Again, the devil's ivy can tolerate a lower level of light, but also lots of bright light (and will grow much quicker in these conditions). Devils ivy can be pretty forgiving if you forget to water and gives you a really obvious sign when it needs a drink (leaves will droop). I love that you can trim the vines and easily propagate in water to share these with your friends.

Heart-Shaped Philodendron (Philodendron Hederacium)

This beauty will develop long vines with deep-green, heart-shaped leaves. This guy will thrive in varying levels of light but will burn in direct sunlight. This easy house plant will make the perfect shelfie or statement piece in a beautiful hanging planter. The heart-shaped philodendron is also easy to propagate, so you will be sharing cuttings with your fellow plant parents in no time at all!

Snake Plant (sansevieria)

AKA the Mother-in-laws tongue, there are so many great varieties of this plant. As the name suggests, once you have one of these, they are hard to get rid of!! I love the dwarf varieties for the bedroom and bathroom), and the larger varieties are amazing for instant stying in the living room. The deep green foliage is really striking, and these guys don’t need too much water and will cope with lower light conditions. These are the top plants recommended for purifying the air = win-win.

If you need more help, we offer an e-consultation service. We can chat to you over facetime in your house or apartment to see what would work best and help give you the best chance of your greenery surviving long-term.

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